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More About Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda

Yoga Therapy is therapeutic Yoga done with the goal of addressing the condition of the student, as the focus. Various conditions related to digestive, nervous, endocrine, skeletomuscular, and other systems in the body


Usually, Yoga is associated with the physical aspect of Asana and little attention to Breath. 

Yoga Therapy is unique in that it pays the most attention to Breath and is, therefore, able to cater to people with different age groups (up to old age) and abilities, right from a person who cannot move at all to a physically active one. It has something to offer to each one of them individually. 


The sessions are, therefore, one-to-one and completely person-centric, either online or in person.


The most wonderful part of therapy is that it looks into all the aspects of life. It is safe to work with a person's natural capacity and slowly work towards not just physical but also mental and emotional well-being. It paves the way for holistic health on all levels.

It is said," one of the purposes of life to achieve is to learn the science of Ayurveda Vidhya. It is the most important quality that can be achieved. To rejoice in anything in life is possible only if I am healthy, and the key to good health is in Ayurveda. Hence, learning and practicing Ayurveda in order to be healthy becomes my primary dharma. 


Yoga with Ayurveda: Food And Lifestyle


Yoga as a healing tool needs the support of appropriate food and lifestyle. 

Ayurvedic way of observing and understanding one's own Prakriti and the nature around us equips us better to live a lifestyle that is in sync with the same.


Ayurveda is an intrinsic part of my approach to well-being along with Yoga.

It can start from very small shifts that we can make in our own homes. May it be in how we cook, the various concoctions for easing seasonal upheavals in our health, and much more. 

Together we can slowly move towards greater conscious living and stay in touch with our 'Inner Intelligence' to manage well-being.

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