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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Mrs Beena Menon, a 64yr old female from Kuwait was visiting her daughters in India with her husband last year in 2020. Just before a week before lockdown she decided to stay back as he left and ended up being stuck in Gurgaon. Ever since, almost an year now, she awaits her return to Kuwait to her husband.

Today, nonetheless she is in a state like never before!

Beena is a diabetes patient who was surviving on insulin injections twice daily, along with a very low carb diet.

Besides this she had muscle weakness in her legs.They gave way to falls sometimes and she would also wake up at night with the pain of cramps.She would sweat profusely on her face, throughout the day. Sluggish bowel movements (7/10) kept her lethargic and tired all day. Sensitive throat was irritable very easily.

In early July last year she started with Yoga therapy session after a thorough online consultation. A short daily practice of asana and pranayama of 20-25 mts duration was introduced. An appropriate practice and diet and lifestyles changes were suggested (which she followed diligently). This brought up her energy levels and reduced her pain in legs and cramps in 2 weeks, sugar levels from 180 to 128 within 3 weeks.Today her dependency on insulin injections has stopped.Chronic constipation has made way to ease of bowel movements. A deeper sleep, greater stamina and longer walks has helped her emerge with a lighter and stronger body. She turned around her waiting period into self-care and discipline of personal sadhana. This is YOGA THERAPY.

Yoga therapy is the specific application of tools—postures, breathing techniques, dharna practices with lifestyle and diet awareness—to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. Yoga has usually been understood as just the asana pranayama practices. In fact, yoga therapy can help people who can’t move at all, as well as active individuals! The is unique because it addresses every aspect of life and rather than considering each body part or system separately. Yoga therapy works to optimise well being holistically.

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